Night Games

night games book cover with hand against misted glass
original image used for this book cover

What a designer should do when they take a brief for a book cover?

First they listen. Then they come at the problem from two directions. First will be researching what visually represents your brief. Second is how to communicate that to a potential reader whose first knowledge of your novel might be the cover image.

This ‘imagined’ cover is a reasonable example. An image that might not have been suitable has been cropped so much that its visual message has changed from threatening ethereal.

This is a royalty free image and the main typeface is Alien League. The original photo file came from

Book cover design costs vary depending on whether it’s an ebook or paperback but around £80 ($100) is a good guide.

If you need a cover for your new novel or if you’re short of an idea for a plot? Browse these imagined book covers and strap lines for ideas.

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