Life After Alison

Life After Alison book covers

You can now find this book on Amazon as an eBook or paperback

This is based on a thought that has been with me since I was a teenager and that I’ve never resolved and never will – what does happen after we die?

I lost friends when I was a teenager and again in my twenties. I don’t claim to be unusual in that respect. Many people wonder about an afterlife, some claim to know, or at least believe. I have no idea, no deeply held beliefs and only a few playful theories. This novel is about the natural sadness of losing someone, their utter surprise that they’re still around, happiness that does return after loss and the fact that we can’t communicate with the dead, or they with us, or can they?

If you wish to review this book an eBook file is available on request for any eReader.

Published by Bruce Aiken

A maths and physics student who ran away to art college and has worked as a freelance creative ever since.

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