3rd disaster – Carrington Event

image of a solar storm

I wrote Hope Island in 2019 – already one of the three predicted events has almost happened. A repeat of the Carrington Event is overdue.

In 1859 a huge geomagnetic storm hit the earth, caused by a solar coronal mass ejection (a storm on the sun’s surface). In the mid 19th century we didn’t have much around in the way of electronic technology, but telegraph operators across the United States suffered electric shocks and the aurora borealis was seen in lower latitudes than normal.

This is estimated to happen about every 150 years – you can do that bit of maths – it’s overdue.

If this event was repeated now it would kill any astronauts in space, destroy satellite technology, take out all mobile phone support (including banking transactions) and seriously damage computer networks and hardware. We do have safeguards against localised problems, but almost certainly no provision to deal with a worldwide sustained electromagnetic attack.

Apart from the obvious problems of not having social media to occupy us, there is a serious, very serious, financial implication. Without a cashless transaction system there would be a run on banks and we don’t have enough cash in the world to cope with that. The whole monetary system might collapse, paper money would become valueless as it did in Germany in the 1930s. So is money real? I’ll explain why it isn’t in the next post.

Published by Bruce Aiken

A maths and physics student who ran away to art college and has worked as a freelance creative ever since.

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