Miss Chatham

They walk together in the parkat three fifteen each day.Miss Chatham and Euphorbiaquietly make their way.One loved in life, one never held,both showing time’s decay Some note quietly, as they pass,this singular mismatched pair.The lady clothed in Sunday bestand her friend’s wild wispy hair.Both alone, but twinned for life,Miss Chatham and her teddy bear.

For Adoption

She holds a distant memoryof when a heartbeat matched her own.A summer secret locked inside,a child barely known. A small, now faded picture holds,a truth in grey and white.A daughter held for one short day,one silent tear-torn night. To give a life, to hold a lifeto bear but never see,the future that the world might hold,for theContinue reading “For Adoption”

Dancing Alone

A sirens sounds for the daily dance,a game that is carelessly played.In covert signs and coded words,Liaisons are sought, alliances made. But those who don’t hear, or don’t know the rules,are lost in this masquerade. By day they are silent, in the evening alone,weaving dreams that may never see light.Mouthing the words of songs theyContinue reading “Dancing Alone”

A Fall from Grace

It may have been justthat her balance gave way,that dew damp grasswas the the culprit that day. It might have been planned,or purely by chance,that no one would catchher last backward glance We may never know whyher life ended that way,if her sight was obscured,or her thoughts led astray Not a word for her friends,sheContinue reading “A Fall from Grace”

Until Death

At my husband’s insistence, I undertook driving lessons. My hands perspired on the steering wheel, I frequently forgot which pedal to press, and the bleeping from the car’s sensors only served to confused me. We had married on my eighteenth birthday. Derek was considerably older than me, but we enjoyed three amiable years of cohabitationContinue reading “Until Death”

The Swings

From the swings in the recreation ground, Tim could see his classroom across the bare, scorched grass of summer. Soon, rain would turn everything green again, but for now the world was ready to burn. Looking out of the window was Miss Roberts. She often stood there, always staring in the same direction, always towardsContinue reading “The Swings”