Old Lynmouth Harbour

A reconstructed painting from old photographic reference and using a palette of colours that reflect paintings of that period and location. It shows Lynmouth Harbour before the devastating 1952 flood when the East Lyn and West Lyn rivers flowed directly through the harbour. Art poster prints are for sale on Etsy in three different sizes.Continue reading “Old Lynmouth Harbour”

Why Must You Go?

Why are you leaving? Why must you go?How can this happen when I love you so? What use is the present when you’ve lost our past?As I fade from your mind. Could this day be our last? How can this happen while you are here?How can I watch while you disappear? I hold you hereContinue reading “Why Must You Go?”

It’s Not Your Fault

It’s not your fault I did not flower. You nourished me, encouraged me,tended me with love and care. But when roots find stony ground,they turn and tangle, hid from sight. With strength that weakened year by year,buds withered, perished as they formed. All you did could never heal,the problems founded deep beneath. It’s not yourContinue reading “It’s Not Your Fault”

Near Horizons, Saunton Sands, Devon

Saunton Sands beach leads all the way to Crow Point and the estuaries of the Taw and Torridge rivers. For that reason there is often a mist or sea fret laying along the estuary and obscuring the view of Westward Ho! Every time you visit the beach it looks slightly different. Art poster prints areContinue reading “Near Horizons, Saunton Sands, Devon”

Chapman Burrows Storm, Exmoor

This is a painting of Chapman Burrows, Exmoor, Devon on a late afternoon with storm clouds gathering. The sun continued to light the distant horizon, but rain was threatening with every passing minute. This place has been one of my favourite haunts for many years, only a short distance away yet no houses to seeContinue reading “Chapman Burrows Storm, Exmoor”

Dartmoor Granite

Anyone who has walked on Dartmoor or even driven over it, will recognise the iconic landscape depicted in this painting. Outcrops of granite rock litter the wild and beautiful high moorland which is famous for its tors. Painted with a large brush to emulate the windswept terrain. This scene is on the walk from TwoContinue reading “Dartmoor Granite”

Chapman Burrows Sunset

A late summer evening as the sun set over Exmoor. The sunset changed every few minutes as though a psychedelic light show was taking place just for me. The sheep were unmoved by the beauty, maybe they had seen it too many times before. Art poster prints are for sale on Etsy in three differentContinue reading “Chapman Burrows Sunset”

Poole Harbour

This painting is of Poole Harbour on a cold winters day with the sun barely breaking through the low misty clouds. Chilly but beautiful. Art poster prints are for sale on Etsy in three different sizes. These prints are museum-quality posters made on long-lasting semi-glossy (silk) paper – weight: 170 gsm/65 lb Because the artworkContinue reading “Poole Harbour”

Wild Swimming

This poster was inspired by the Art Deco movement. One of my passions as a young man was to swim wherever I could (this is not a self portrait). Rivers, lakes, outdoor lidos, even a river pool in the Kakadu National Park in Australia. There is a rock pool at the top of Victoria FallsContinue reading “Wild Swimming”