A Short Story Competition

For forty years I lived in a small village on Exmoor in Devon with a population of about 250 people. Three years ago I moved six miles to Lynton, a huge seaside village of 1500 people. There was always a strong literary community in Parracombe and, with the advent of a Community Trust to sustainContinue reading “A Short Story Competition”

A Lost Poster from the Belle Epoche

I have a bound collection of L’Art Decorative magazines published between 1899 and 1900. Amongst many beautiful illustrations and photographs is a monochrome reproduction of a poster by the Belgium post-impressionist Georges Lemmen. I have never been able to find a colour version of this poster and the only copies I have found are probablyContinue reading “A Lost Poster from the Belle Epoche”

Will and Ned’s Adventure in Space

A few years ago I wrote and illustrated a picture book for my grandchildren. Picking it up again in an idle moment I realised that it could be re-written and re-illustrated for a wider audience. So I did that, packaged up the new version and sent it to a couple agents. The response was quiet.Continue reading “Will and Ned’s Adventure in Space”

Is money real?

I wrote Hope Island in 2019 – already one of the three predicted events has almost happened. I began to question, not for the first time, the value of money. In the world today we don’t have real money, we operate almost entirely on promises. You may imagine that the statement you get from aContinue reading “Is money real?”