Three looming disasters

I like a good dystopian novel as much as anyone else, but I also have faith in society surviving disasters and believe that most people are fundamentally good – but not all. In the summer of 2019 I was reading about some of the problems the world is facing. Then I started to speculate onContinue reading “Three looming disasters”

Snow fields

A pencil drawing of the of snow covered fields above Parracombe, Exmoor, Devon. Illustration and painting can be very different in my mind. Illustration is often done for a client, usually commissioned, rarely from the heart. Painting or drawing can be a process of releasing a little bit of your soul or heart onto aContinue reading “Snow fields”

Interesting stuff about counting

I made my first youtube animated video. You can learn how to count to 12 on your fingers, to 60 and even to over 1000 using the binary system. It explains why we have twenty-fours in a day, sixty minutes in an hour and sixty second in a minute. It all makes perfect sense whenContinue reading “Interesting stuff about counting”