Skipping Rhyme for Today

Simply chant to the rhythm of a traditional skipping rhyme – use a skipping rope if it helps.

picture of non gender person

Girls are brilliant,
boy are too,
but I am neither,
pink nor blue.

Lesbian, gay,
transgender, bi
queer, non-binary,

Call me ze
not he or she,
neutral pronouns
they suit me.

Don’t judge me
I’m not like you,
I don’t need a label
in your zoo.

The one that I love

two penguins on a beach

You are the guardian ghost in my dreams
You hear the sound of my unvoiced screams
You are the pair to my single glove
You are the one that I love

Your loss is the fear that keeps me awake
Your absence the cold when I swim in a lake
You are the songbird to my one note dove
You are the one that I love

You are the right whenever I’m wrong
You are the words to my unsung song
You are the one that I always think of
When my life turn to words of love

When you are no longer the breath in my ear
When you are no longer the first voice I hear
If I find again I’m that lost single glove
You will still be the one that I love