Until Death

At my husband’s insistence, I undertook driving lessons. My hands perspired on the steering wheel, I frequently forgot which pedal to press, and the bleeping from the car’s sensors only served to confused me. We had married on my eighteenth birthday. Derek was considerably older than me, but we enjoyed three amiable years of cohabitationContinue reading “Until Death”

The Swings

From the swings in the recreation ground, Tim could see his classroom across the bare, scorched grass of summer. Soon, rain would turn everything green again, but for now the world was ready to burn. Looking out of the window was Miss Roberts. She often stood there, always staring in the same direction, always towardsContinue reading “The Swings”

Summer of Love

It was a summer when tarmac softened and grass turned paper dry. Earth hardened until it cracked open. It was nineteen-sixty-seven, the age of Aquarius, the summer of peace, love and understanding. But that was in the greater world. At home, his sister was locked in her bedroom, her passport confiscated, her choices withdrawn. HisContinue reading “Summer of Love”

The Game

Pale olive trees shaded the pavement – a place for sun-wrinkled men, a peaceful retreat. The boy stared at the three tables set outside the café in the square. Chess boards, populated by small familiar figures, stood alert, armies waiting for generals to command them.  The trees were still and quiet, until a rare breezeContinue reading “The Game”

Drawing from Life

A gentle breeze carried the energy of the ocean to Hannah’s garden. Although she had no direct view of the beach, the sound of gulls and the tang of salt in the air were constant reminders of its proximity and life. Her previous house, the one she had shared with Terry during their twelve yearsContinue reading “Drawing from Life”

Late Mail

On the day of David’s funeral, I wore an expression of sorrow. Once the last guest departed, I retreated to my sofa with a glass of wine. Then my phone pinged. ‘So, you think you’ve got away with it?’ Someone must have hacked David’s account. But there were no witnesses. ‘Who is this?’ ‘David.’ Shivering,Continue reading “Late Mail”