Page numbers (or folios)

The traditional practice is to have the numbering of pages starting on the first page of Chapter One. This is relatively simple in Word, but there are a number of stages to get where you want to be. The first thing to do is work out what you want in your prelims and add allContinue reading “Page numbers (or folios)”

Basics terms of typography for text pages

Almost the most important task in preparing your text pages is to make them user-friendly. There are of course no absolute rules concerning typography, but there is ‘good practice’. Unless you have a specific reason to be different, why would you experiment? Chapter HeadingsThe font is going to be larger than the text, but howContinue reading “Basics terms of typography for text pages”

Organising the prelims

These are the opening pages of your book before you get to the story. They vary from book to book and used to be numbered with Latin numerals, but now we tend to leave the numerals off the prelims. Your text should start on a right-hand page by tradition. This is a modern standard layoutContinue reading “Organising the prelims”

Choosing the page size

There are many factors governing the precise measurements for text pages and margins, but here are the basic terms you are going to come across. What size should my book be?There are no hard and fast rules other than it makes good sense to opt for a ‘popular’ size. I would recommended 12.9cm x 19.8cm (5.1″Continue reading “Choosing the page size”

Setting page size and margins

Micrwosoft Word may not look quite the same as shown here given that there are different versions of Word and different operating systems, but the principle stays the same. Assuming you have written your novel on the standard A4 page size (or US equivalent) and in a default font and typeface like 12pt Times –Continue reading “Setting page size and margins”