Dartmoor Granite

dartmoor granite stone

Anyone who has walked on Dartmoor or even driven over it, will recognise the iconic landscape depicted in this painting. Outcrops of granite rock litter the wild and beautiful high moorland which is famous for its tors. Painted with a large brush to emulate the windswept terrain. This scene is on the walk from Two Bridges to Wistman’s Wood.

Art poster prints are for sale on Etsy in three different sizes. These prints are museum-quality posters made on long-lasting semi-glossy (silk) paper – weight: 170 gsm/65 lb

Because the artwork involves digital painting there is no physical original that can be sold. For anyone interested in purchasing the original work, a Non Fungible Token will be issued with the original digital file, passing ownership to the purchaser. I can also supply a 29.5″ x 21.5″ print produced with acid free inks on Hahnemühle PhotoRag 308gsm to the initial purchaser, as you can’t hang an NFT on the wall.

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