I used to draw postcards

It feels like a different life when we didn’t have cameras on our phones, or not even mobile phones. In those distant days people would send a postcard to friends and family whilst on holiday. Sometimes the postcards even arrived before they returned home.

postcard blow-up doll
postcard nut on beach

Somehow I started drawing cartoons for holiday postcards. It was only ever meant to be an idle amusement and an interesting challenge. Over the course of a dozen years or so, we sold somewhere between two and three million postcards. This didn’t make us rich or famous as the net profit on a postcard is only a few pence.

Sometimes I find myself browsing in an antique shop and discover my own work. I never reveal my identity – it might spoil the owner’s day to find out that I’m still alive.

The first postcard was mailed in England in 1870. Over 150 years later does anyone send them? If they do, I have a big back catalogue.

postcard dad buried in sand

One thought on “I used to draw postcards

  1. Bruce, your postcards are still the best and I have your complete collection! Lockdown has obviously reignited your creative juices or are you bored!!!??? Greetings from down under

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