Imagined Books Gallery

Any of these book covers can be adapted for your novel, either as an ebook file or full paperback artwork. At least one new cover will appear most weeks along with other random posts. If you would like me to come up with a design for your book cover, just send me a brief synopsis, the key features, the title, your author name and any other info you think may be relevant.

e book or paperback cover showing woman staring straight at reader
paperback or e book cover with woman walking through meadow
cartoon cat on book cover
paperback or e-book cover with mysterious girl's face
ebook or paperback book cover with illustration of woman's face
e book or paperback cover with a young girl holding up two eggs
ebook or paperback cover with happy girl
village or town pub or cafe
paperback e book cover two children
paperback or e book cover design with snowy tree
paperback book cover or e-book with two women
paperback book cover future dystopia
paperback or e-book cover girl on street at night
ebook paperback cover river creek at dusk or dawn
paperback or ebook cover crowd of people
ebook or paperback cover mediterranean sea scape and fishing boat
negative image of couple at roadside for book cover
night games book cover with hand against misted glass
book cover beach people paperback
book cover with woman hiding behind door
paperback or e-book cover with tree and water and sunset
paperback book cover for firefly
book cover paperback showing group of people blurred in autumn park.
paperback book cover office buildings
e-book or paperback cover showing twin teenage girls
ebook or paperback cover with a cartoon cat
paperback book cover eyes hiding in forest
paperback book cover hiding under pillow
paperback book cover edwardian street scene
e book or paperback cover with four happy partying girls
paperback book cover girl
snowing country farm landscape for book cover
book cover with people walking in snowstorm in summer
paperback book cover old fashioned photo
book cover with angry woman
ebook or paperback cover showing a woman with dyed pink hair
paper back or book cover with crowd of people blurred
ebook or paperback cover for last day
ebook or paperback cover showing man at lake or reservoir
book cover showing defiant young attractive girl
ebook or paperback cover with ghostly woman in woods
paperback or ebook cover showing woman with broken glass
Book cover for Winter Song with couple hugging
ebook or paperback cover for Forever
paperback or ebook cover showing girl in sunglasses
book cover paperback ebook for the girl guide
book cover paperback summer field and woman
ebook or book cover with girl through rainy glass
book cover showing two women with drinks in a bar or at a party
paperback book cover two teenagers at dawn
book cover or e book cover girl alone
man with gun and sunglasses
picture of snow in park
book cover of girl and her uncle, piggyback in countryside
paperback book cover facial features
book cover with exaggerated caricatures of people at a party
book jacket showing old American street
book cover with woman looking up into a blue sky
book cover of girl sitting on a wall at night
book cover showing woman looking out to sea
book cover showing woman in coffee shop
book cover of ghostly hand on shower screen
two women in a tender kiss for a book cover
suburban 1930s street
single chair on a plain background
two young boys, brothers, on a towel on the grass
mother and daughter on book cover
paperback book cover couple bleak landscape
paperback book cover woman in cafe
book cover paperback or e book with girl's face staring straight out
paperback book cover gangster
paperback cover design adrift
paperback book cover beach couple
paperback ebook cover music phone earphones alone
two people on a beach looking out to sea
paperback book cover snow woods
book cover artist
paperback book cover woman in window
paperback ebook cover woman worried
paperback ebook cover beach teenagers
paperback ebook cover woman face down in bed
paperback ebook cover two men on benches
paperback ebook cover woman and night sea
paperback ebook cover angry woman
paperback ebook cover woman against dark unusual colours
paperback ebook cover young woman
paperback ebook cover woman in sunglasses
paperback ebook cover woman with flower
paperback ebook cover girl gun
paperback ebook book cover mountains and birds
paperback ebook book cover bridge people meeting
paperback ebook cover woods and snow and a long road
paperback ebook cover man in stars
paperback or ebook book cover misty day couple
paperback book cover half girl's face
paperback book cover jacket teenagers
paperback book cover blurred woman
paperback book cover girl's face
book cover trees in soft light
paperback ebook cover harbour sunrise low tide
paperback book cover woman covering eyes
paperback book cover hunt girl with gun
paperback book cover teenagers
paperback book cover women in 1950s
paperback book cover winter trees
book cover lost
paperback book cover the lost years
paperback book cover woman and flower
paperback cover girl
Paperback book cover rain
paperback book cover
paperback book cover woman's eyes
paperback book cover face
paperback book cover two girls and a dog
paperback book cover illustration
paperback book cover bicycle pink
paperback book cover showing feet
paperback book cover winter tree
paperback book cover gray scene
paperback book cover sunset birds
paperback cover for family affair
paperback book cover woman upside down
paperback book cover island in a lake
paper back book cover childhood
paperback cover for women's commercial fiction
Book cover design
book cover with woman's eyes
rock scissors paper book cover
simple temptation paperback book cover