Random thoughts

This is where I will store that collection of random thoughts that cross my mind and need writing down. It’s like the old drawer in a dresser where you cram in useless stuff in case you want it some day.

how rainbows differ over centuries

Interesting Stuff About Rainbows My second youtube animated video. Rainbows have always looked the same, but not everyone has seen the same seven colours…

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gold bullion

Is Money Real You may think that your bank statement guarantees your money, but there’s no pile of cash or gold anywhere to back those promises…

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how to count digitally

Interesting stuff about counting Why we have twenty-fours in a day, sixty minutes in an hour and sixty second in a minute. Go straight to the video here.

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A glacier eroding

Three looking disasters In the summer of 2019 I was reading about problems our planet faces. My novel Hope Island is about life long after those disasters…

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picture of age and ethnicity

Writing can’t only be a mirror When I was a teenager I had no idea what it felt like to be sixty, or even thirty. Now I’m older I am told sometimes that I can’t…

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two people holding name cards

Choosing character’s names My character’s names often change as a novel develops. Sometimes the original name just doesn’t seem to suit the way the…

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act like a human

How to act like a human Everyone human being is made slightly different. Given that there are now over seven billion of us that’s pretty remarkable…

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Plots and storyboards I had no idea how ‘real’ authors developed plots. Previously I had tried to write a novel with very little planning and…

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Bauhaus Legacy I was mentored by George Adams in my first year of studying Art. He was an artist who studied at the Bauhaus under Walter Gropius in the 1920s…

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gender fluidity in writing

Gender fluidity in creative writing I am a man writing women’s commercial fiction. I never set out to trespass into a genre that is usually written ‘by women’ and ‘for…

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debris on my creative plotting desk

Does the world need another novel? Probably not, and yet I’m writing my fourth novel. So why? I don’t have a simple, single sentence answer…

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writing aid character spider

A Character Spider My focus is on Emily Hamton, she takes centre position in this diagram. However, the novel is written from the POV of Richard…

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a mixture of drawings of faces

How not to get a Literary Agent Before submitting any material I read through the profiles of over 150 agents. But I didn’t only read their profiles, I read their…

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