Image of children's drawing of children

She holds a distant memory
of when a heartbeat matched her own.
A summer secret locked inside,
a child barely known.

A small, now faded picture holds,
a truth in grey and white.
A daughter held for one short day,
one silent tear-torn night.

To give a life, to hold a life
to bear but never see,
the future that the world might hold,
for the child she set free.

Two lives diverged, two stories cleft,
one lost one led away.
But the incense of a child’s warm hair,
still holds her to that day.

The Child that Failed to Fly

original file for the child

The photographer had turned this picture upside down to create a mystery to it. I liked it the right way up, lightened considerably and then cropped it viscously to make the image simpler. It’s a neutral image that will be carried by a good title, rather than dominate it. Superimpose a different title and the image will adapt to that message. Try imagining ‘The Day it Rained Forever’ or ‘Suddenly Last Summer’.

This is a royalty free image and the main typeface is is Vermin Vibes. The original photo file came from

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Leaving Alice

paperback cover girl

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