You left

teddy bear left alone

You left cold sheets one side of our bed
A book laying open, partly read
Silences, where once we talked
Grass now growing, where once we walked

You left a picture of when life was bright
The shape of your body when I held you tight
Your touch, your laughter, your every way
The colour you cast on the greyest day

You left rooms that echo of the life we knew
Nights much darker when I think of you
Words you whispered in our bed
And tears on the pillow beneath my head

You left

The one that I love

two penguins on a beach

You are the guardian ghost in my dreams
You hear the sound of my unvoiced screams
You are the pair to my single glove
You are the one that I love

Your loss is the fear that keeps me awake
Your absence the cold when I swim in a lake
You are the songbird to my one note dove
You are the one that I love

You are the right whenever I’m wrong
You are the words to my unsung song
You are the one that I always think of
When my life turn to words of love

When you are no longer the breath in my ear
When you are no longer the first voice I hear
If I find again I’m that lost single glove
You will still be the one that I love