The Cult of NIHA

It can’t be classed as a widespread cult when there’s only been one member of this sect for the last fifty or so years, so perhaps I should explain why.

pathway to light through rough field

Like many teenagers of my generation I was looking for a religion that I could accept and believe. It later became fashionable to describe this as having ‘a god shaped hole in your life’.

I could never bridge the gap between belief and proof, so I looked for a commonality in those religions I explored. They all had a basic mantra of doing good, respecting each other and caring for the world in all it’s intricate beauty.

Okay, so they pretty much all declared wars and vendettas against each other over the centuries and claimed they were the only ‘one and true religion’. I needed something that give me a path to follow, avoided the negatives and focussed on the positives. It was and is NIHA.

Never Intentionally Harm Anyone

The credo is simple. You will accidentally hurt or harm people, emotionally or physically, in your journey through life – but never do so intentionally.

Have I lived up to this objective? Probably not as I’m not a saint. But the direct alternative is nihilism and in that path lies madness and hatred

I have rarely spoken of NIHA to anyone, never tried to promote it on any social media, never introduced it as #NIHA and never written about it until now. Probably very few will ever read this and I don’t expect it to be adopted by anyone else, but it has worked for me I hope.

If you want to join me, there are no leaders, no meetings and definitely no initiation ceremony.

Other religious beliefs are available.