Why Must You Go?

Why are you leaving? Why must you go?How can this happen when I love you so? What use is the present when you’ve lost our past?As I fade from your mind. Could this day be our last? How can this happen while you are here?How can I watch while you disappear? I hold you hereContinue reading “Why Must You Go?”

It’s Not Your Fault

It’s not your fault I did not flower. You nourished me, encouraged me,tended me with love and care. But when roots find stony ground,they turn and tangle, hid from sight. With strength that weakened year by year,buds withered, perished as they formed. All you did could never heal,the problems founded deep beneath. It’s not yourContinue reading “It’s Not Your Fault”

Ever on the Outside

Ever on the outside, always looking in.often wishing I could wear someone else’s skin. Ever on the outside, checking every word,cautious anything I say, might easily be misheard. Ever on the outside, painting out my frown,an imposter who will act again, as the circus clown. Ever on the outside, so nobody will see,the fears, theContinue reading “Ever on the Outside”

There’s No Point

There is no point in travelling, when you’ve no place to be. No sense in searching, when your heart cannot see. And no doors will unlock, when you don’t have a key. There is no point in sowing, where love cannot grow. No questions worth asking, of a life you can’t know. And no reasonContinue reading “There’s No Point”

A Fall from Grace

It may have been justthat her balance gave way,that dew damp grasswas the the culprit that day. It might have been planned,or purely by chance,that no one would catchher last backward glance We may never know whyher life ended that way,if her sight was obscured,or her thoughts led astray Not a word for her friends,sheContinue reading “A Fall from Grace”