When the Bell Rings

paperback or e book cover design with snowy tree

Colour isn’t fixed
This was a mono photograph (black and white). Although it would have ‘worked’ like that, and been quite beautiful, it would have had a different impact. The original may have suited another title better. I created a duotone to add colour (a mixture of two colours). I could have used any combination of dark and light colours to produce different ‘moods’. In reality I would match the colour cast to the author’s brief.

This is a royalty free image and the main typeface is Eccentric Std. The original photo file came from unsplash.com.

Book cover design costs vary depending on whether it’s an ebook or paperback but around £80 ($100) is a good guide.

If you need a cover for your new novel or if you’re short of an idea for a plot? Browse these imagined book covers and strap lines for ideas.

A Time of Eternity

paperback book cover gray scene

There are thousands of royalty free photographs and illustrations available online. This is an imagined book cover, created from one of more of those images.

Contact me if this image and typographic style would be suitable for your novel and if you’d like me to design an ebook or full paperback cover based on this concept. Costs vary depending on whether it’s a ebook or full paperback covers but around £80 ($100) is a good guide.

Short of an idea for your novel – browse these imagined book covers for ideas.