The Moon and Me

cartoon cat on book cover

Watch out for designers’ literals
We have our faults and one of them is grammar. I am a fully paid up member of the ‘Save the Apostrophe’ club, but not immune to errors (can you spot it, I left it there as an example of sneaky mistakes).

In defence of the designer, we are focussed on visual communication when designing a book cover, how the public will interpret it, will the author accept our idea, the last thing we’re are doing is reading the damned words. I know, we should be, but the world isn’t perfect

The illustration file is by me and the colours can be changed to suit whatever cat you might have in mind. The main typeface is Mad’s Scrawl.

Book cover design costs vary depending on whether it’s an ebook or paperback but around £80 ($100) is a good guide.

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