Fever Creek

ebook paperback cover river creek at dusk or dawn
original image of lake for book cover

I loved the colours in this image when I came across it, but how many people write a novel that features a rowing boat on a river or lake?

One thing a good designer can do is see potential. We are used to imagining a photo being used in a way that was wasn’t conceived when it was shot.

In this case I thought the colour, originally serene, could be used to reflect a sinister undercurrent. So many stories start peacefully and erupt into chaos and violence. So I looked at how the title could change the concept and vice versa.

This is a royalty free image and the main typeface is Killigraphy. The original photo file came from pxhere.com.

Book cover design costs vary depending on whether it’s an ebook or paperback but around £80 ($100) is a good guide.

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A Time of Eternity

paperback book cover gray scene

There are thousands of royalty free photographs and illustrations available online. This is an imagined book cover, created from one of more of those images.

Contact me if this image and typographic style would be suitable for your novel and if you’d like me to design an ebook or full paperback cover based on this concept. Costs vary depending on whether it’s a ebook or full paperback covers but around £80 ($100) is a good guide.

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