Why do you write?

my desk with scraps of writing on it

The world is not waiting with bated breath for my fourth novel. So why am I writing one?

I still don’t have a simple, single sentence answer to that question – but here are some of the excuses I’ve used when I don’t feel people want the full answer.

I wanted to see if I could write 90,000 words
There was this idea for a story that I had to write down
It’s fun, I do it as a hobby
I hope to find fame and fortune by writing a bestseller

The real reason is… I don’t always understand people in real life (I have been diagnosed with sub clinical autism – whatever that means). In a creating a story I get to invent the character’s and their motivation. I am inside the head of every single person in my novels. I know why they do what they do, what they mean when say something and what they want (unlike in real life).

When I’m submerged in writing is the only time I am confident that I know what’s happening around me. The rest of my life is spent muddling through with guesswork, and I sometimes misunderstand what’s said. It’s far less stressful to be lost inside a book.

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