Will and Ned’s Adventure in Space

double page spread of picture book

A few years ago I wrote and illustrated a picture book purely for my grandchildren. Picking it up again in an idle moment I realised that it could be re-written and re-illustrated for a wider audience. So I did that, packaged up the new version and sent it to a couple agents. The response was quiet to say the least.

So I did what any good creative should do and took a good hard look at the illustrations, text and storyline – and I found faults. Some words were too advanced for the potential readers and there wasn’t really a central plot. Thus prompting a complete re-write and many adjustments to the illustrations.

The story now has a plot and is more engaging. Although the plot centres on two boys and a younger sister, an older sister enables their adventure.

I have already started writing and illustrating the next adventure, Will and Ned’s Adventure Under the Ocean. I even have outline plans for books three (a balloon flight over the jungle) and four (a trip to the arctic circle). But now I’m looking at book one again and I think it needs a third complete rewrite before publication.

The more you practice the better you get.

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